• ...witty & knowledgeable guides unveil
    Berlin's heart in all of its entrancing
    and ironic glory!

    RyanAir Magazine
  • guides are legendary for their vast
    knowledge and engaging personalities!

    Let's Go Magazine
  • ...quirky, modern highlights crammed in
    between the umpteen spots of
    historical significance

    Guardian Newspaper
  • We were able to visit all the 'must' sees,
    but we also made it to a few that were just as
    fascinating, and a little off the beaten path.

  • I have to tell you it was the best guided
    tour we have ever taken.


Find out why we are Berlin's longest running independent walking tour company!

Brewer’s Berlin Tours is a family of friends who are passionate about Berlin’s past and present. Much more than a standard city tour, we proudly offer mind expanding experiences that detail Berlin’s unravelling history and visit all the major, and many hidden, sights.

Our company is named after Terry Brewer. Often described as a human encyclopaedia, Terry started leading tours during the Cold War crossing the Berlin wall on a daily basis. More about Terry...

We will be delighted to have you on our tour and look forward to showing you what makes Berlin, and our company, so special.

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